Over 350 hundred guests attended Canada Superstars over the past two years. Many people really enjoyed their experience at our event, here are some responses from guests. We would like to thank our guests, because without you our event would not be as successful. 

An air of excitement and anticipation pervaded the 2014 Superstars Event! As soon as I walked in I was swept into a wave of support. From the buzz and flurry of costumes backstage to the reception of an enthusiastic audience for the Pro-Am showcase opening, I felt a growing sense of gratitude and honour to be dancing with my Pro-Am partner, Carlos Zapata.

The dinner was truly magnificent and of course the highlight was the professional performances which closed the evening. So incredibly satisfying! By show's end, the crowd was on its feet! We couldn't get enough of these Superstars!

Thank you Kamil and Anna and Anton and Anna for having the vision to bring this must-attend celebration of dance to the Toronto dance community!


Carlynn Reed - Pro-am Participate

September 26, Dance with me Toronto was attending the “2014 Canada Superstars” dinner & show, featuring professional ballroom champions Anton Lebedev & Anna Borshch & latin champions Kamil Studenny & Anna Pelypenko.


We really enjoyed the show!!!!! Thank you!!!!! And we are hoping that it will become an annual event!!!!


Egor Belashov-  Professional Instructor


The last Canada Superstars Dinner and Show was a unique, charming and spectacularly entertaining experience. From the opening moments of this impeccably crafted dance show, it was obvious that the audience would be transfixed by the intricate, elegant and often sizzling Ballroom and Latin dance performances.


With an intriguing mixture of style, sensuality, strength and flexibility, Theater Arts Cabaret and Show Dance couples dazzled the audience with soaring split lifts and dropping back arches. Delicious food and opportunities for everyone to dance on a large dance floor took this special event to new heights. I can’t wait for the next show.


Zoran Bojic -  Dancer 


I went to see this show in 2014 and I was blown away from the beginning to the end. It was definitely everything it promised to be and much more, if you are looking for a magical night full of dancing, think no further,  Canada Superstars will definitely do the trick. Makes me really proud of canadian professional dancers, their hard work and artistry deserves a colossal amount of respect and of course a standing ovation.


Boris Vdovine - Professional Competitor